Tapping the Talent in Emerging Economies

Enormous amounts of talent are often overlooked due to gender, income level, geography, etc. How can we leverage technology to increase access to opportunities for those who have been previously left out, and connect these skilled workers to sustainable careers? 

Aligning Employment and Education

Innovation/Disruption: Empowering Learners and Disrupting the Status Quo

Technology and its impact on education and the workforce. Tech is blurring the  boundaries between teaching, training and learning and AR, VR, AI, Blockchain are leading the way.   We are on the cutting edge of how disruptive tech is changing the way knowledge and skills and acquired, validated and used in the labor market. How does disruptive tech effect  policy, higher education structures, and workforce development affect the talent pipelines of the future?

Leveraging Skills

Credentials as Currency: The New Language in the Labor Market

The shift toward granularity in knowledge assessment. What underlies the credential? Skills? Competencies? Could stackable credentials, accelerated degrees, and prior learning assessment contribute to more clear assessments of employability? How could other micro-assessment movements,  driven in part by the political/educational/economic climate in this country - nagging unemployment, skills mismatches, high cost of education, etc. change how we hire, promote and educate? How will teaching have to change to support new credentials and industries?  Will growing acceptance of expanded toolsets (CBE, OER, microlearning, etc.) lead to more confusion or more clarity about what a student/applicant can do?