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Saylor Higher Education Summit 2017

Looking at the Degree and Beyond: Lowering Cost, Increasing Access, Exploring Alternatives

June 21-22, 2017 | Washington, DC

This is an archive page for a past event.  Video and other materials are at Saylor Academy's YouTube channel and on the Web at #SaylorSummit17.

You can also view the 2017 Agenda.

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The Saylor Higher Education Summit seeks to connect ideas and action to address the need to educate and credential the next billion individuals worldwide in need of higher education learning and credentials.  Initiatives created at this summit will expand participation in today’s and tomorrow’s economies. We are not leaving out the college degree, however, we want to address it as well as new educational models emerging in the marketplace. 

Registration for the Summit closed June 12, 2017.  Onsite registration for this event is not available. 

This Summit will feature panels, sessions and workshops on:

  • alternative credentials (badges, certificates, diplomas)
  • designing education for working adult learners,
  • improving accessibility in higher education,
  • leveraging training to address the digital skills divide,
  • assessing and credentialing prior knowledge
  • as well as many other topics.

Participants in the summit will leave inspired, prepared and allied with new partnerships to support their respective roles in innovating models to educate and credential the individuals that will power the international economy in the coming decades.

Registration Fee : None

Who should attend?

Decision-makers and influencers interested in the education, skill development and recognition of the new workforce, and those previously out of the reach of the higher education system. 

  • Nonprofit senior executives
  • Chief Learning Officers
  • Post-Secondary Educators
  • Executives in emerging industries
  • Instructional Design Leaders
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • University/College Presidents
  • Alternative Education Providers
  • Funders
  • Policymakers
  • Industry Leaders
  • Workforce Development Leaders
  • Education Access Advocates

Why should you attend?

  • You provide or seek to provide higher education alternatives, and want to make an impact on  credentialing
  • You seek actionable networking with decision makers outside your current network
  • You have an idea to close the skills gap; you need to meet those with means to make it happen
  • You want to meet people with ideas that you can help  happen with your connections
  • You want to learn about  innovative, ahead of the curve higher education ideas
  • You are a stakeholder in increasing access to education, by any model necessary.